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Basics of Bola Tangkas Explained

When you are overwhelmed by the multiplicity of table games, the option of Bola Tangkas can come to your rescue. This poker game is a cards game but played on a computerized console similar to the slot machine.

How it is played

This game is a 7-card game. 7 cards are dealt to the player. The player chooses to discard two of these cards, which are the smallest too, and replace these with other two cards from the deck. The other two cards are not shown to the player before he picks. The resultant 7-card combination arising from the process of replacing and adding the cards forms the premise for betting. If the player feels that his 5-card draw is scoring the highest already, he may not choose at all to pick the cards and go with whatever he has. Player that gets the highest 5-card combination wins the round.

Important things to remember

The game is just like any other slot game. Player has to deposit money in the form of coins into the slot machine to start the game. There are lots of bonuses and other goodies given to the player so that he can keep trying the luck as far as he wants. This game should be played with all cognition and bets should be placed wisely. You have to run your brains to find if the coming cards are going to deliver good payout and also strategize about the betting. Thus, this game should be played in complete sobriety and with full dedication.

This poker game is unique in its simplicity, fast payout and easy playing method. People not comfortable with other slot games or table games find great respite in this Indonesian poker game which is around since 1980.

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