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Best online Casino games platforms to download right away

Indulging in online casino games has given people a chance to experience the world of casino maybe as in a virtual way. Gambling has always been men’s favourite time pass even in the ancient times, but with the development, the games advanced too and here we are experiencing an entirely different level of gambling. Online casinos are a way to get involved in modern day gambling. Many times, people do it enjoy their leisure time, but many times, they take it seriously and start with betting their money. Now, it is their luck if they win.

Anyway, if you want to experience the great online gambling experience, it is important to have a secure platform through which you can play games without any stress. So, without wasting much time, we are sharing some great platform that you should download right away.


918Kiss is a platform which makes you play and experience slot games on your mobile. The platform is one of the most secure platforms that are only available on mobile because the company believed that mobile gambling is the future gambling. Download this and experience all the slot games that are enjoyed in Vegas. Along with the slot games, they offer table games, card games, dice games, and more.

918Kiss was known as SCR888 previously and it has been rebranding into 918Kiss and all things including games and experience will remain the same.


LIV22 is another online games platform that is famous for offering slot games in variety. The platform is designed to run smoothly on mobile phones and tablets alike. It uses an advanced security system and boasts of modern architecture. The graphics of games provided by LIV22 is amazing and has already made a huge fan following precisely in Malaysia.


STAR996 is basically a sport betting online platform and is active in Malaysia. The portal is registered and for online betting and gambling games. Yes, apart from sports betting, you can also enjoy the online casino and slot games. The platform has one wallet system and for every different game, you need the same username and the same payment details.

So, these are some of the best online platforms which you should download right away if you want to experience the never-ending fun and uninterrupted online gambling experience. These platforms are especially active in Malaysia so in case if you belong from Malaysia, you shouldn’t give any second thoughts on these.