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Exotic bets that can be placed in greyhound racing

Betting on greyhound racing is facilitated at online betting websites like with the help of 2 different types of bets. These bets are the straight bets which are simple to understand and easy to apply and the exotic bets. 

Exotic bets are a bit complicated and need time for understanding. Getting started off with exotic bets in greyhound racing requires some research and should be done only when one is thorough with the straight bets. 

Types of exotic bets

Exotic bets can again be divided into many different types like the:

  • Quinella: This bet is placed on 2 different dogs and a punter wins when both the dogs occupy the first two positions in a race. The order of finishing does not matter.
  • Exacta: As the name suggests this bet, which is again placed on 2 different dogs, can only be collected if they finish 1st and 2nd in the order that the punter puts his bet on.
  • Trifecta: Herein, three dogs are chosen and bets are placed on their winning positions. Thus the punter needs to state beforehand which dog will come 1st, which one will come 2nd and which greyhound will come 3rd. He wins only when this order is maintained.
  • Superfecta: This bet is very much like Trifecta but herein bets are placed on 4 dogs and their positions determined from 1 to 4. Again the punter wins if the dogs finish in the order stated.
  • Daily Double: This is a bet which involves two different races, generally the first two races of the day, and the bet needs to be placed before the start of the race. The punter will have to place bets on the dogs he feels will win in the two races respectively.
  • Pick 3: This is similar to Daily Double, other than the fact that herein 3 race winners need to be predicted.

Some greyhound racing events also enable the placement of other types of bets like the Jackpot or a parlay which pertains to a chain of bets spread across multiple races. Thus there are ample opportunities for betting in greyhound races being held across the world.