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Gambling in Singapore

If you are looking for exciting gambling opportunities in Singapore, you won’t have to look for long!

Considered by many to be a paradise for serious gamblers, weekend warriors, and those just hoping to get lucky every now and again, Singapore has plenty of opportunities available for gambling – online as well as off. Whether you are looking to put hundreds or thousands of dollars on the line, or just want to kill a little bit of time placing wagers on your favorite sporting events around the world or playing a hand of poker or two, Singapore has you covered!

In independent city state located smack dab in the middle of Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the smallest sovereign nations on the planet with just over 700 km² of land to call their own. At the same time, Singapore is very densely populated with more than 6 million people calling Singapore their home, and the population is on the rise.

Developing quickly, and already one of the most important members of the global economic community, business is booming in Singapore. People are flooding into this city state at a breakneck pace looking to build the business of their dreams while taking advantage of significant tax benefits and a friendly governmental attitude towards entrepreneurship that just doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Of course, all of this has helped to support the gambling in Singapore.

100% legal and a major contributor to the local economy, the government of Singapore has been behind gambling and gaming ever since day one and have looked for ways to help bring more outside gamblers into the Singapore market – particularly with the help of the internet.

Of course, some of the most luxurious casinos and resorts in the world are located in Singapore as well.

Each year, more than 17 million tourists from around the world visit Singapore, many of them to take in the now legendary gambling and gaming sites that this city state calls their own. Locales like the Marina Bay Sands Casino and the Resorts World Sentosa are examples of some of the most modern casinos on the planet, as well as some of the largest casinos on the planet.

These casinos are every bit as luxurious as the ones you would find Las Vegas but even on a grander scale, simply because they do not have to squeeze in between so many other casinos that are stacked on the Vegas Strip.

Smaller casinos, including a number of “floating casinos” have to be seen to be believed as well. The gambling community in Singapore is thriving for sure, and things are only going to continue to heat up as time goes and more people discover just how enjoyable Singapore can be – especially with a little bit of extra money in your pocket.

There are plenty of things to do when you are visiting Singapore for business or for pleasure, but you’ll want to make sure that you carve out a little bit of your itinerary to spend some time gambling in this Southeast Asian city state.

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