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How to Make a Million Dollars Playing Video Poker?

Well, to begin with if there were some secret methodsto make a million dollars while playing video poker, a lot of people who have become millionaires by now. Relaxing somewhere in the wilderness while catching fish or simply sitting on the back porch having beer and fries.

But is there really a way you can become a millionaire playing video poker? The fact is that there is no secret method which will make you a video poker millionaire. There are a number of“get-rich quick” ideas available out there. But as a general rule, if there is something that needs less work, then surely it is less effective too.

Some of the unique ways to put money your bank account while playing video poker at are mentioned as under:

  • You can win a million dollars while playing advanced video poker. But then yes, you would have to win a questionable number of advanced jackpots which may total up to $1,000,000. Video poker jackpots are usually smaller than slot machines, which resetbetween $500 and $1,500. These are hardly paying more than two or three times of the reset amount. Therefore, don’t forget how these advanced video poker games are. You would not find a single video poker game on your next Vegas Strip or in the Atlantic City.
  • You can also sit around having money put in the machine till the time you hit amysterious streak of luck. Assuming thatyou are betting a maximum of $10 per credit and $50 credits per hand. In case you string together sufficient $30 payouts in a row, you would win a million bucks back eventually. You know it would take 200,000 straight 6-credit wins in order to offset the maximum betof each round, and would also certainly astonish people, butit is technically possible.
  • You canalso have a gnarly slip-and-fall accident while you are playing a video poker game at If it is discovered that the casino was not diligent in inspecting and preserving their property, you might be entitled to damages, compensation, and a punitive award in certain cases which is planned to teach the casino a lesson they won’t forget easily. It is possible that you can win a million-dollar settlement as well. undoubtedly, this would be an abuse of the system, and would surely make you one horrible human being. And can also backfire– as if there is no evidence of negligencethe court may cancel the case.

These ideas are quite far outside the possibility. Therefore, instead of simply slipping in a spilled drink, and anticipating a mathematical miracle, it is suggested that a more level-headed approach must be taken.