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If you have a passion for lottery game, then you are the next millionaire

Most of the people who play the lottery have some kind of intuition that they are probably not going to hit the jackpot. But it is the passion for the game that keeps them going.

Ever since the dawn of man, gambling has been a part of our development from cave dwellers to modern civilized city dwellers. We are always taught that you can’t get something for anything in this life. There has always been a sacrifice or trade of some kind if we are to have the things we want.    

Unfortunately, most of us are not predestined to be wealthy. The only way we will ever get it is if luck favours us and we win something big. And the only way to win a large sum of money for constituting real wealth is to do the near impossible; that is, to win the top lottery jackpot.

You are up against the odds

The reality that only one in millions will win the lotto game jackpot may dampen people’s spirit. However, those who are passionate about the game want to play the lottery and win big, no matter how many times they try. They enthusiastically look forward to the weekly draw and desire for their numbers to be the ones that are drawn regardless of the exorbitant odds against that happening.    

Obviously, most are fated for failure week after week, and possibly for their remaining lives. However, even that awareness, if it hits home at all, still doesn’t stop individuals from participating in it.      

And most importantly, people know that they have to play it to win it.

With more than $620 million in the Powerball jackpot and more than a whopping $1.6 billion in the MegaMillions jackpot, the lottery fever is always at an all-time high. However, your odds of winning were only a miraculous 1: 292,201,338 for Powerball, and your odds of winning MegaMillions is something around 1: 302,575,350. And the odds of winning both lotteries? Something around, one in 80 quadrillion or more!

So, it is all about passion and not the odds and chances. Many of us can’t resist investing money in hopes of landing jackpots. There are many examples of people who are now millionaires just because they kept trying.

Moreover, some of them have taken up playing the lottery as a profession because they believe they might win big someday. People are investing their time and money in different online gambling platforms that offer lucrative jackpots on different lotteries.

Lottoland is one of them. It is a world-class online gambling platform that offers international lotteries with lucrative jackpots and more. With lottery being a celebrated and legal gambling venture in India, Indians may now be able to participate and win big, thanks to this Gibraltar-based gambling platform that is soon to launch its site in India.

From MegaMillions to Powerball, EuroMillions, and EuroJackpot, among others, this platform boasts big as well as small lotteries.

Winning jackpot is all about playing and trying again and again. It only pays those who play. Here are some examples of people who went from broke to millionaires just by playing and winning lotteries, they might inspire you.

#1 Bill Poling – a pickup driver

He struggled to find work most of his life up until he won a whopping $33 million from playing the lottery.

#2 Richard Sandlin – a seasonal state park worker

He won a remarkable $7.1 million lottery in 2007. He used the prize money to set up trust funds for children and grandchildren.

#3 Les Robins – a teacher

In 1993, Les won a staggering $111 million from Powerball. He used the money to set up a summer camp for kids that was spread in 226 acres of land.

#4 Brad Duke – a gym instructor

In 2005, Brand won a tremendous $220 million from Powerball lottery. However, he only received $86 million after taxes, but that’s still a huge amount.