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LottoSend Review- Enjoy the Biggest Lotteries at Home

Even though it is classified as an online lottery agent, LottoSend is not like the other lottery services you will come across these days. It has been in the lottery business since 2013 and has its offices all around the world, but its primary sales and customer service offices can be found in Slovakia. It caters to customers all around the world due to which it can be found in 10 languages, but the main reason why LottoSend stands out is because they have created an atmosphere of gaming fun that goes way beyond a simple buying and waiting game. The entire infrastructure at LottoSend is something every player can enjoy and welcome.

As this is a novel concept, it has helped LottoSend in becoming one of the world’s most popular online lottery service. They recently did a facelift of their website and this has also helped the service in gaining more attention, along with its improvement in customer support.


While some of its competitors may offer a wider range of lottery games to play, LottoSend provides customers access to some of the most exciting options along with some of the most massive jackpots all over the globe. You can buy lottery tickets at LottoSend for the following games:

  • USA Powerball
  • USA Mega Millions
  • EuroJackpot
  • Italian SuperEnalotto
  • Australia Saturday Lotto
  • Australia Monday Lotto
  • Spanish El Gordo
  • EuroMillions
  • Australia Wednesday Lotto
  • Australia Powerball
  • Oz Lotto
  • Irish National Lottery
  • Canada Lotto 6/49

One of the best things about LottoSend is that it delivers on its promise of sending a scanned version of the ticket to customers. For every draw, you will be able to see your ticket on your account on LottoSend, which is a confirmation that you have entered the lottery draw, even if you have not bought the ticket in person. It is proof that you are the ticket’s owner and any winnings associated with it will also be sent to you.


Another great thing about LottoSend is that it is not just about buying lottery tickets and then just waiting for the draw. They offer their customers a horde of great features that can make the entire experience fun and enjoyable. Some of the cool tools that you can take advantage of when using LottoSend are:

  • Dictionary: If you are a newbie, there is a good chance that you may feel lost when you decide to play a game online. This is due to the fact that you are not familiar with the terms and other jargon used. Here LottoSend can help you because it provides you with access to a lotto game dictionary where you can learn the meanings of the terminologies used.
  • Comparisons: This is a particularly useful tool for newcomers and even weathered professions in the industry can take advantage of it. Comparison charts show how different lottery games fare against each other and highlight those that can offer better odds or bigger prizes.


As mentioned above, LottoSend aims to make the entire process of ticket buying and participating fun for its members. Therefore, it has provided promotions and bonuses as incentives because they ensure that everyone can have a good time when playing. Some of the promotional prizes you can look forward to on LottoSend are:

  • Welcome Bonus: LottoSend gives a hearty welcome to all newcomers on the website. The first $30 that are spent on the website are eligible for 100% cash back, which means that you can play twice as much thereby increasing your chances of winning a lottery jackpot. This bonus can be used for participating in any of the online lotto games you can find on LottoSend.
  • Multi-Draw Games: This option is very appealing to lottery enthusiasts who want to participate in a large number of games, but don’t want to spend a lot. A 20% discount is provided to players when they decide to enter multiple draws simultaneously.

Payment Methods

You cannot buy a lottery ticket at LottoSend unless you have funded your account with money. The good news is that the website offers support for a large number of payment methods, which makes it incredibly easy to pay for the tickets. The tremendous array of options include ProCredit Bank, Tatra Banka, Millenium Bank, CSOB, Volksbank, Nordea, Equa Bank, BCR, Fio Banka, UniCredit Bullbank, Slovenska, Swedbank, Neteller, Diners Club, Qiwi Wallet, MasterCard, Visa, Zuno, Skrill and more.


If you win a prize in a game you have played through LottoSend, you don’t have to worry about the website taking a cut from your winnings. Instead of charging commission on the prizes, LottoSend takes a premium on every ticket they buy, which means the ticket you buy will be priced slightly higher than the actual prize you would pay if you bought the ticket yourself. If you win a jackpot, the prize will have to be claimed in person, but any other wins will automatically be transferred into your account. You can easily withdraw the money from there when you want or use it to play more games.


In the case of online lottery websites, one of the biggest concerns that most people have is about security of playing online. This is one aspect where you don’t have to worry in the case of LottoSend because it is protected by COMODO security and they have also implemented 128-bit SSL security on every single page of the website. The website also boasts a detailed and comprehensive FAQ section where you can find answers to any questions you may have.

Customer Support

This is the element that has played a major role in distinguishing LottoSend from the other online lottery services and if you read other LottoSend reviews from around the web you will learn that this is why LottoSend is so successful. Their customer service department is not only available for responding via emails, as most of the other services do, but it also provides assistance through phone and live chat options. They are available during business hours and are very responsive and efficient in giving responses and providing any other form of assistance you may need.

Hence, it is a reliable and trustworthy lottery service and you will be able to enjoy your favorite games with ease.