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Online Gambling and Slot Machines – What are they?

We all have grown up watching movies where the protagonists go to a casino (gambling house) and play on a slot machine. They win big if the three rows simultaneously show the jackpot sign. That is pretty much how one can sum up the online slot machines as well. There is usually a row of three or five reels and when pressed the start button, it starts rotating. It eventually comes to a halt and you win according to the alignment on the screen. All at the convenience of sitting at your home and staying anonymous if you so wish to. Online slot machines have completely revolutionized the way online gambling happens. Reasons are aplenty. Ease of access, ease of use,the convenience of doing it any place you desire and the nature of keeping your identity undisclosed hugely works in its favor.

The details

The vertical reels comprise of a higher limit of 25 signs which are part of a customized theme that is easily chosen by the player. A simple click of the mouse can set the reels rolling. Now you wait with bated breaths to see how the reels will land. If there is a combination of same icons on every reel, you win a prize according to the icon. Suppose the jackpot sign comes up on all five of those reels. You win the jackpot prize that has been decided by the online gambling company.

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The numbers of rows are usually five and there are a lot of symbols as well, so if you do some math, the total number of results possible can be quite large. This increases the thrill of the game as more outcomes also assure more outcomes that can win you something. Another interesting aspect is the advent of pay lines.

What are pay lines?

To get yourself acquainted with the rules of the game as well as the amount of prize and the list of prizes along with the winning combinations, just before you start ‘pulling the lever’, check out your screen for more information.

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The lowest bet one can place per pay line is $ 0.01 depending on the server of the country you are logged into. So, if the numbers of paylines are 100, you can bet $ 1 in total with your bets distributed over a large number of pay lines to maximize your chance of winning.

The sequence of reel one bets on is the pay line.

To get the maximum bet you can possibly play in a single game, there usually is a button with the same name.

Sometimes online slots have a fixed number of pay lines which is done to maximize the amount of money you bet. This also results in a better chance at staking your claim to the jackpot.