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SL Casino Riga invites to Hot Fridays

Hot Fridays for slot players and seven additional jackpots are a popular event in SL Casino Riga. This casino by Storm International (Darren Keane is the CEO) offers every week a lottery with 1500 euros. This is an excellent occasion to visit the institution on Friday.

To allow more players to get a chance to become richer, the prize fund is divided into seven parts. Each additional jackpot is played out separately. The maximum prize that can be awarded to one player is 500 euros, the minimum prize is 100 euros. It is very tempting, considering that it is enough to bid only EUR 0.20 for participation.

Hot Fridays are created specifically for the slot players, specified Darren Keane, Shangri La in Riga with pleasure distributes additional prizes to everyone who likes to spin the slot machine.