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Types Of Free Betting Bonuses You Can Claim While Betting Online

When choosing an online sports betting site, incentives such as bonus and promotions are highly engaging and inviting. Leading bookmakers are providing the range of exciting offers to stand out among others and draw the attention of gamblers. One of these promotions is free online sports bets. This is what online bettors are appreciating a lot as they receive these wagers just for free without making investments using their own money.

Different Types of Free Bets Online

When it comes to finding the definition of free bets online, you might get different results, but each will explain one thing that a free bet from online bookmakers is offered for free without costing any money. These bets are excellent ways to experiment with new strategies and tricks as there is no risk of losing anything. You can master the game by practicing a lot.

Before you go ahead to claim free bets, let’s take a look at the most popular types of free betting bonuses:

Weekly Wager Bonus

You’ll receive a certain amount of free online bet if you are constantly making a bet during each week of a particular sports season or event. Some bookmakers may credit this bonus into a punter’s account in the first week, while you’ll have to wait at other sites.

Parlay Bonus Bets

This incentive can be claimed on football betting as it is offered on NFL sports seasons. To claim this bonus, you have to place a parlay bet on at least 3 teams. You will get the free bet awarded within a few days no matter whether a parlay was a winner or not.

Risk-Free Bets

This type of bonus is also known as free plays or refund wagers. It refunds a gambler for losing a bet up to a certain limit.

Prop of the Week

Just like weekly wager bonus, this form of the wager is also offered for weekly bets. Sportsbook chooses certain proposition bet weekly. The punters who place a bet on it gets a complimentary wager.

Even though free bets seem quite interesting, remember that it could mean different things depending on the bookmaker you have selected. At one site where you are receiving free cash upfront to place a wager, other sportsbooks may require you to make even more bets before making the withdrawal of winnings. So, it is recommended to thoroughly and carefully read the bookmaker’s terms & conditions. It will help in determining how to claim the free bets, how these bets work, when they will get expired, what are the wagering requirements, and other associated terms. If you have already set your bankroll for online sports betting, use free bets as extra cash for gambling.