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What Is the Difference Between American Roulette and European Roulette?

The life of a gambling fan in a casino is full of valleys and peaks. This is especially true with Seattle online casino. On one hand there are those great days, when chips just seem to be raining from the sky and all the servers of cocktails look like part-time models. But then are those bad days, where the old lady with oxygen tanks blow smoke in your face as well as every game seems out to get you. Here are some things that you hear every time you go to a casino.


Roulette is lots of fun and most gamblers at table games prefer it. But after playing a while, it is like everything else – boring. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way you could take something you are familiar with to spice up the game with some interesting differences?

American vs. European roulette

I am betting that you have heard this every time you go to a casino – there is big money difference between American and Europe roulette. Most people, who are defenders of classic casino, will head for the double-zero games of roulette.


The main difference between American and European rules of roulette is the number of spaces in the wheel where the little ball might land. American wheels have 38 slots and European wheels have 37 slots. The impact that this extra space has on the American game’s odds is very significant. All wagers on American roulette games have a 5.26% house edge – but all wagers on single-zero games have a 2.7% house edge. In other words, the house edge on American wheels is almost double of that for the European wheels.


So, if a long-time gambler told you this secret about roulette, what would you do? Well, most people would try it out for a bunch of times to see if the difference is true. You must test both wheels out for yourself before you can know if this is true or just an old gamer’s tale. I have tested it out and all I am going to say about this is that there is a reason I love American roulette so much.